This project, almost complete, delayed one more year (or just a few months).

Do you think China economy is collapsing? Not at all. China has almost replaced US as new financial superpower. US/Europe economy is in recession, and this is called global economic crisis.

This site should become fully interactive sometime in 2016.

We plan to build this domain ( into a classifieds web site serving big China cities like Beijing, Shanghai. We can accept any kind of ad (cars, houses, offices, jobs), but there will be limitations. We won't allow any ads against Chinese law. Also we can't accept any hotel/accommodation ads because of possible conflict of interest with There might be accidental typo visits to either site, but we will try to minimize any confusion; for example login pages will have different url with or without .com. in the middle of the domain.

We have a lot of experience in classifieds web sites. Whatever we do is likely to succeed (but it takes time to build a perfect web site). There is enormous potential in China: gigantic economy, very large population with high percentage of English speakers, makes China the best place on earth to do business today. While all western countries go bankrupt China continues to grow in every sense: economy, technology, science, arts. In the second half of the 20th century US (uncle sam) was the center of attraction for business, finance, science, technology in the world. Now the same happens to China in 21st century.

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Here are a few more quality domains which we may develop eventually (this sentence needs to be updated).
CloudSOLD for mid 5 figures
Toronto SOLD for low 5 figures

Shanghai China

Hilton (or Hylton) is a name/surname and a common place name in English speaking countries. Examples: Hilton NY, Hilton Head SC, Hiltonia GA; Nicky Hilton, Paris Hilton, Perez Hilton, Boyd Hilton,..

There are many company names using Hilton, such as Hilton hotels, Hilton instruments.

Depending on your IP location you may see different results when you search Google for hilton

.CN is the country code for China on internet. China is now a superpower like USA and Russia. China is one of the largest economies: number two for now, number one soon. There are more people in China who speak English than USA. Center of world economy moved to east, and China plays the largest role in this.

Many US companies moved to China to reduce costs. China is a creditor (and competitor) of USA.

What to expect to see at

Ok, in some sense it is partially developed but not everyone can see it. We have many quality domains but is the only .cn domain we have. We had applied for other generic .cn domains but this one is the only one we got because many generics were reserved by the registry or acquired in sunrise, and we were not lucky enough to get others in landrush. Anyway we believe this is still a great domain (easy to spell/remember, second level domain (not a subdomain of, or, or )) and the best way to serve Chinese people would be to use a .cn domain rather than .com.

Is HILTON.CN domain for sale?

(Many people wondering, so let's answer this.) Short answer is no. Why even post this question on the "temporary homepage" if it is not for sale. Many people asked whether this domain was for sale, and we have received several unsolicited five figure ($10k+) offers from different people. This is very unusual activity. Maybe we should say we haven't received any offers from a well known/big company; only offers from individuals. We have a lot of domain experience and based on all these this domain is worth no less than 200,000 dollars (coincidentally this amount would cover our development cost so far; if we decide to sell now). Once this domain is fully developed it would be worth much more of course (it takes time to build a quality fully functional site, and there are other projects waiting, so we kindly ask you to be patient; (but we can quickly create a beta version if necessary)). In short this domain is not for sale but we can sell any of our domains or projects for a billion dollars; no problem. We are not a though negotiator, and we are actually in selling mood for most of our other domains, simply because we can't develop all.

Quiz question: Who is Lary Clint Hilton ?